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House Values Rise

Auckland No Longer NZ,s Fastest House Growth Area

Auckland is no longer New Zealand,s fastest house price growth area. Quotable value,s latest data revealed Wellington house values have risen 21% in the last year compared to Auckland,s 15%. The QV Price Index showed the average for Auckland is […]

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Home Values Rise Fastest In 12yrs

Home values rise fastest in 12yrs.                                                                                                                           Week by week goes by and we still read and hear the same things. House values increasing at alarming rates. This Has been fueled by record migration , a limited supply of housing , […]

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House values Rise 12.4% in May

Recent information shows house values have risen again to different degrees in certain areas. One of the reasons for this is said to be due to record migration as more people compete for supply.Migration is said to be at its […]

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