Two builders have been fined after their work was deemed shoddy by officials.

Auckland builder Hao Zhang lost his carpentry and foundation licence from the Building Practitioners Board and was fined $2500 after work he did failed to comply with a building consent.

Zhang had his name removed from the register of licensed building practitioners over the substandard work on a a specifically engineered retaining wall.

The board said he failed to consult with either the engineer or the designer and instead came up with his own solution which meant the wall did not meet the required performance factors.

"In doing so (he) displayed a serious lack of care and competence," it said.

A second unnamed builder was fined $3000 for failing to get a building consent or resource consent for work despite his extensive knowledge of the process.

He was also found to have brought the regime for licensed building practitioners (LBPs) into disrepute.

"It's imperative to the overall regime's success that people who are licensed are seen to be playing by the rules and not adopting a different set when it comes to their own work," said LBPs registrar Paul Hobbs.

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