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The Auckland Home Improvement Dream Team

Don’t Move, Improve.

Stay put and add value to your home with renovations or extensions. We’re expert at those.

Want to move up in the world? Want more space and need to upsize for a growing family? Well if you live in Auckland, the reality is that moving to bigger and better isn’t that easy.

Houses in Auckland are expensive. More Auckland homeowners are choosing to renovate or extend their homes, rather than move, because they feel trapped by the crazy property market and a lack of affordable ‘right type’ of homes.

Good Home Improvement - That’s When The Magic Happens

Let us help you transform your property into the home you’ve always dreamed of living in. From knocking down a wall, re-configuring the layout, building an extension, adding storage, doing up the bathroom or kitchen, we can help you with the home improvements that will get you the best bang for your buck. Find out how we can help. Call Rod on 021 723 682.

With our years of building experience and renovation expertise, we can help you explore some of the many creative and possibly unexpected options in front of you. View our renovation considerations.

Key points to good home improvements: functionality, space, design, comfort & efficiency.


Make sure the “done up” space in your home works; you don’t want to make everything pretty only to find the space still isn’t functional. If a space isn’t working, people often think “let’s extend”. It may be the house is big enough, but it’s just poorly configured.

Sometimes all it takes is to knock down a wall.

Consider opening up rooms to make larger living areas: join the kitchen and dining room, convert that little-used ‘sitting room’ into a larger more useful living space or make two smaller bedrooms that never get used into one large sunny living area.

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Should you extend? Probably, but it’s about having as much detail as possible decided before we start any work on site. There would be little point to just adding square metres to your home if the new extension doesn’t flow well into the rest of the building. A good extension will connect the rooms you spend most time in, such as your kitchen, living and dining spaces, to make your home more livable.

Done properly by licenced, experienced renovations experts like ourselves, a well-thought-out extension is always welcome and, in most cases, will bring a return greater than the amount spent.

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Storage is key. Do you have enough? Where are the problem areas and where does clutter accumulate?

We can get you organised by building customised storage areas.

Where possible, an extension should improve the access to the outside and capture light as much as possible. If designed well, a good renovation will give you a bright, comfortable space to live in that stays warm and dry the whole year around, making it healthy and efficient.

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Part of clever renovation spending is getting more economical running costs for your home.

Upgrade the insulation of your house and you will get pay-back in terms of reduced heating costs. This also applies to windows. Windows are the most expensive part of the walls and they let most of the energy out. Replacing, double-glazing and ensuring windows are sealed properly is a great long-term investment in your comfort.

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Home Renovation Specialists
Most builders focus on building new homes and only do renovations as a side-line. The team at Nicol Renovations Ltd is different because we specialise in renovations – they’re all we do, and we’ve been doing them for years.

The skills and processes needed for renovations are quite different from building a new home. The process begins with a consultation. We work with clients and look at the various ways they can develop their existing property; to make the most from their home and their investment.

The Nicol Renovations building team has the experience to ensure your Auckland home improvement really does make your place a better place to be. Take a look at some of the house renovations throughout Auckland we’ve already completed.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your Auckland home improvement, get in touch. No job is too big or too small for our renovations team. Whether it’s a kitchen makeover or a full home renovation and extensions, a studio apartment or a 1920s bungalow, Nicol Renovations Ltd can build you the perfect home improvement.

...Renovating your current home is a good solution for a growing family or changing needs, especially if you love living right where you are....

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