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Building Quotes - Comparison

How To

Compare Building Quotes

When it comes to choosing a builder we understand that most clients look around before deciding which builder they are going to engage to carry out their renovation work.

We have compiled a checklist to make you aware of comparing, as we say, apples for apples when considering quotes or estimates for renovation costs from different builders. Some builders will prepare cheaper quotes to secure the job and then you find out that things have not been included and will cost extra. Details can be overlooked and therefore a cheap starting price ends up being far from that.

At Nicol Renovations Ltd use our 26 years’ experience of building renovations to envisage scenarios we are likely to encounter and we make provisions for them in pricing our quotes. We try and give our clients a more realistic cost to start with rather than a cheaper initial price with hidden surprises as the job progresses.

 With renovations, there will always be the unforeseen; issues which cannot be allowed for and that is the nature of renovations. As you can imagine, the age of the house plays a big part in this.

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