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The Renovating Process

Interior and Exterior Renovations 

Large or small renovations, inside or out, villa renovations or modern homes, our our philosophy remains the same:
“Build once, build right.”

Renovating - Our Process

Each renovation brings its own set of difficulties, including site access, flood zones, underground main services going through the extension or addition, steep sites, resource consent, building consent to name a few.

There are so many factors to consider that we have made a list of things to consider when renovating. Click here to view our renovation considerations

Whether it be a large or small renovation, our philosophy remains the same: Customer satisfaction, quality workmanship and service, build it once build it right.

We stand behind this philosophy with our 10 year guarantee plus our 12 month defect warranty for jobs worth $30,000.00 and more. Your renovation project will be built to current building code requirements and efficiently managed until all renovating is completed.

We begin every project with a questionnaire about your renovation so we have a better understanding of what you would like to achieve.


...We arrange to do a site visit to discuss your renovation requirements, wants and needs. We will work with you to conceptualise the best home for your land...

Renovating - The Concept Phase Includes


Building plans can vary in cost substantially depending on who you engage to carry out this design work. If you are engaging your own designer, do your homework and make sure you are satisfied the designer can deliver house plans in line with your renovating budget.

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Stress your budget constraints to your designer. We have had previous clients who have briefed their designer of their budget, had the plans completed and approved with building consent only to find when the building plans have been passed onto their tradesman for pricing, the quotes exceed their budget.
In many cases the renovating has never taken place, leaving the client with no renovations and spending money on plans they cannot afford to proceed with.

We can help you with design services; we have designers we can recommend who help you with ideas for renovating your home. They will listen to your requirements, offer options and costs for working drawings and also costs for lodging your plans with council for the necessary consents.

Firstly, there will be a concept plan for your approval. From there working drawings will be drafted with necessary details and specifications. Your building plans will then be lodged with council for building consent and, if required, resource consent.

Prior to your working drawings being lodged for consent, you will have opportunities to make changes. Making alterations at this stage will save you time and money; once your building plans have been lodged and consent approved, amendments will mean time delays with council and additional costs.


Your plans are lodged for building consent where they go through various assessments to make sure they comply with the current building code and that all the necessary information required is attached so the application can be processed.

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The length of time it takes for your building plans to be processed will vary depending on council workload and what time of year your application is lodged. You should allow 4 to 6 weeks before you get your plans back and we can begin renovating.


For restricted building works you will require a licensed building practitioner with the appropriate licence to undertake this type of renovating. Tradesman costs are a substantial part of your renovation costs and will vary depending on the size of your renovation.

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Most tradesman charge out at a hourly rate and this rate will vary between trades. Generally rates within each trade are very similar and going for the cheapest option often ends up in disaster, costing you more.

Check your quotes / estimates to make sure contractors are quoting for supplying and undertaking the same work, or as we say, comparing apples for apples.

With Nicol Renovations Ltd you can be assured you are getting professional, reliable, qualified tradesman who are all licensed in their respective trades. We will supply you with all subcontractors you will require while renovating.

...Let the fun begin by letting us plan a work schedule for your renovation project.

What You Will Need

Project Management

We will create a work schedule for your project, arrange and coordinate  all the subcontractors required.

We arrange scheduled meetings with clients onsite to discuss products to be supplied by the owner, the progress of the build and any unforeseen issues that may arise while renovating.

Our clients are kept up to date on all matters concerning their project right from the start of the process until its completion.

We book all inspections required throughout your build through until council sign off.

All of the Below

  • Quantity surveyor
  • Architectual drawings
  • Building consent
  • Resource consent if required for your renovation.
  • Geotechnical and structural engineer.
  • Surveyor if your renovation requires it.
  • Licensed, professional, reliable qualified tradesmen and sub-contractors.
  • Quality materials
  • Health and safety policies in place on site.
  • Good project management.
Renovating - What We Can Offer

We can supply and co-ordinate everything for you so you deal only with us, making your life far less stressful.

The cost of a renovation will obviously vary depending on numerous factors. The size of the job, site access, council requirements for the site, health and safety controls required, sub-contractors required, materials to be used, job difficulty or the detailing required, to name but a few.

Once we have working drawings, we can start the pricing process for you.

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