Builders Offering Residential Inspections

With housing at a high in the market more Builders are offering residential property inspections for prospective buyers and based on that information are either purchasing or not purchasing the property.

Builders need to have the right instruments and equipment for in-obtrusive testing of walls testing for moisture etc.

Attached below is an interesting article highlighting risks involved by undertaking this work for builders.

They are required to pass a training and  accreditation programme addressing the problems and inconsistencies.

They mention a case where a builder Inspector had said cladding was good and it was in fact leaking. The cost of remuneration by the surveyor to the client who bought the house was expense to say the least.

If getting a building inspection for buying a home make sure the inspection is carried out by someone qualified to do so.

Nicol Renovations Ltd do not offer building inspections and pre- purchase reports as the liability for return we feel is not worth it.

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