Building and Construction Boom

Darren Leybourne 37 ravenstone ave birkenhead 017For those of you whom are unaware we are in the middle of a building boom in construction.

Try finding quality tradesmen at the moment and you may be surprised how difficult that is.They say when the Building/Construction industry is doing well so is the economy.

There is public confidence that jobs are safer again and people are spending on their biggest asset their houses.

Lets take a quick look at some points on both sides The Good & The Bad.

The Goodlhp-logo

  • Huge demand for Licensed Building Practitioner contractors in all trades.
  • Continuity of work booking up tradesman for long periods of time.
  • Tradesmen finally getting paid what they are worth.
  • Accountability of tradesmen for clients with disclosure forms, checklists, contracts, defect warranties etc.
  • Boost to the economy. The more money earned the more taxes paid.
  • Huge amount of staff required for increased workloads so helping with unemployment.
  • Carry on effect to retail shops. People have security and are spending again in all areas.
  • New infrastructure with roading , shopping centres etc.

The Bad

  • Crime. Far more building & construction sites being broken into for tools and appliances etc.
  • Overloading of existing infrastructure . Eg public stormwater, drainage system , roading.
  • Severe shortage of qualified staff and apprentices meaning no being able to meet workloads on offer.
  • Poor workmanship. With the shortage many so called tradesmen are far from it and with pressures of time frames & penalties poor workmanship is bound to happen and it does. Just the other week in the herald there was an article where The council was showing signs of concern with the amount of failed work at inspections and as they called it “shoddy workmanship”. Some were major developments where investors were lucky enough to get out of before it was to late.
  • Council Delays.When booking inspections in a lot of cases the waiting time is to much creating delays for contractors which in turn relates to potential costs to the contractor if the contract has time penalties. In recent times we have had to wait 5 days for an inspection and in leaky homes it can be as much as a 3 week delay which can bring the building/construction site to a stop waiting for the council.
  • Delays from suppliers and subcontractors in various fields due to the fact everyone is so busy.
  • Accidents in the workplace through fatigue of extended working hours trying to keep up with demand and poor health & safety systems in place cutting corners on costs involved.

SummaryDarren Leybourne 37 ravenstone ave birkenhead 004

There are positives and negatives to come from our current building/construction climate and if managed correctly there are more positives than negatives.

The Key

Undertake as much work as possible without any compromise to quality of workmanship produced.

For us there is no compromise. Quality workmanship and quality service to our valued clients is a must.

We will not allow this to change.

Build Once Build Right