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Affordable housing

House Price Growth To Slow Sharply

The New Zealand housing market is in for a ” pronounced and overdue slowdown”, with national house price inflation forecast to fall to around 5% a year , says Fitch one of the world’s top three credit rating agencies. “Affordability […]

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HEB Construction Sinks Into Red

HEB Construction sank into the red last year after it wrote down the value of a major project by almost $31 million. The Drury based company reported a loss of $23.5 million in the 12 months ended August 31st , […]

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400 Million Drop Trouble For Housing Market

Shares of Zillow dropped more than 7% to $3.00 recently , erasing roughly $400 million from it’s market cap , after the online real estate listing company forecast a larger than expected loss for the rest of the year. Although […]

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Bunnings ‘misled’ Customers.

Issues arose last week alleging Bunnings Hardware Chain¬† misled customers with it’s ‘lowest price guarantee’. The accusation of misleading prices of it’s goods as the lowest in the market place was in fact not true. Bunnings price guarantee states it’s […]

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Auckland House Price Drop

With all the news recently of how house prices in Auckland are increasing this latest article seems to show a different trend. The number of houses sold in Auckland fell 24% and median sale price slipped 1.2% to $840,000.00 in […]

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Affordable Housing

With the way things are in the current housing market Affordable Housing still remains a priority for our future generations . The cost of building and tradesman is very unlikely to go down as demand out ways supply at present […]

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