House values Rise 12.4% in May

Recent information shows house values have risen again to different degrees in certain areas.

One of the reasons for this is said to be due to record migration as more people compete for supply.Migration is said to be at its highest levels seen in 100 years.

Figures show house values grew faster than 20% in Hamilton , Tauranga , Queenstown Lakes District , and some areas of Auckland.

Growth in Auckland house values showed

Papakura up 20.7% , Manukau up 19.6% , Rodney up 17.6% ,  Waitakere up 16.5% , North Shore up 14.1% , Auckland City up 13%.

The cost of building also is not getting any cheaper and supply of skilled tradesman in all areas is not big enough to cope with demand.

What the future holds who knows but house values look set to increase further and further.

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