Housing Development Twice The Size Of Hamilton

Auckland is set to grow rapidly as plans to squeeze two Hamilton,s worth of housing development by the year 2030 gets the go ahead.

South Auckland is expected to receive the all clear to develop an entire 98 sq/ kilometer zone equivalent to the size of Hamilton .

Auckland and North Shore are likely to be given half a Hamilton each to redevelop.

More than 1.5 million people currently live in Auckland which its predicted to increase to over 2 million by the year 2030.

New infrastructure is being planned to accommodate this including

A new Harbour crossing

Extending the cities light rail plans

A city rail link plan including extending the Northern Busway.

Introducing a light rail into central Auckland.

To find out more please click onto link attached                                                                                                   1347763074-Mr+&+Mrs+Jefferies+5+Palm+Cove+Arkles+Bay+020.jpg-jumboHousing development twice the size of Hamilton to cram into Auckland by 2030 – Yahoo New Zealand