“Kiwis Locked Out”

We hear about New Zealand’s housing crisis almost daily in the news these days and it appears it is not getting better.

New Zealand’s home ownership rates at its lowest in 66 years after the housing crisis that is gripping the country.

63.2% of people live in their own home today compared with 73.8% in 1991.

The latest low is close to that of 1951 where 61.2%lived in their own homes with 33% living in Rental Properties.

Out of 1.8 million homes , 1.2 million where owner occupied and 604,900 thousand where rented at the end of December 2016

To find out more and what the political parties views are to cure this problem please click onto the attached article below.

Kiwis locked out Home ownership rates lowest in 66 years – Yahoo New Zealand

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House Prices Increasing in Auckland

House Prices Increasing in Auckland