Bathroom Renovation Tips .

BATHROOM RENOVATION TIPS .                                                                              

Here are some Bathroom Renovation Tips to consider.

SELECTING YOUR CONTRACTOR.                                                                                        

Ensure the company  dealing with for your Bathroom Renovation is a Licensed Building Practitioner . That way you are dealing with a contractor who should be aware of what is required .

Likewise with the Waterproofer, Electrician, Plumber all of whom should be certified, qualified, or Licensed  in their respective trades.

By doing this you should be getting skilled trades people delivering a quality job. Do your research on the company you employ and ask for references of previous clients you can call and inquire how they rated using the same company for their Bathroom Renovation.

Select a company that manages the whole renovation from design through to completion supply all other trades required to complete your renovation. The job will run more efficiently and more cost effectively. Let the experts do what they do.


Bathrooms and Kitchens are proven to be the big ticket items in terms of the best return of your money invested. Design is not only about what looks nice but importantly how the design of the room functions.

Try and utilise the space effectively so you maximise the space of the room and it functions and flows well. Try not to overcrowd the room with to many bathroom fixtures and fittings. You want the bathroom to feel spacious and luxurious not closed in. Obviously the size of the bathroom plays a part as to what can be achieved within the space.






If you are after a cheaper quality renovation then purchase your fixtures accordingly , however if you are after a quality Bathroom Renovation that will add value to your home, purchase quality fixtures and fittings. Yes they will cost more and yes that investment will repay you and more when reselling your home.







If you have a particle board floor remove it and nog the existing floor joists @400 ctrs in opposite direction to floor joists. Then glue and screw H3.2 Tanilised CD Grade plywood to the floor joist and floor nogs to create a bracing element in the floor. Timber moves so if the floor has movement so does the waterproofing membrane installed over the tile & slate underlay. Less movement less chance of membrane failing and causing problems. Particle board is not permitted in wet rooms of any kind and especially Bathrooms.

Bathroom Renovation

H2 Bathroom floor nogs

Bathroom floor nogs

Bathroom Renovation

Tanilised plywood installed
















Make sure the company doing the Bathroom Renovation issues you with relevant warranties and producer statements. Waterproofing for instance should come with a 5yr workmanship warranty and a 15yr product warranty.


Bathroom Renovations and Kitchens are the two main rooms of a house where you should spend more on to ensure capital gain from the renovation.

If you are intending on selling the property then a high quality Bathroom Renovation will help sell the property quicker and add value to selling price of the home.  If you are doing the Renovation for yourself to enjoy then “Build It Once and Build it right”. You will have the enjoyment from the room as well as adding capital gain to the value of the property . This is the room to treat yourself to a bit of luxury and a proven winner for resale even if that is not your intention right now.

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