Energywise Insulation

For the good of our families we must ensure Insulation and energywise solutions are used in housing and renovations. Factors to consider are the health benefits for our families, warmer dryer living in the colder wet months, sustaining high energy wise levels to name a few.

We live in a climate that even in November we have had snow in the South Island and cool nippy days in the North Island so the better the insulation the better living conditions for everyone.

Recently landlords were made accountable for renting properties with insufficient insulation and subsequently the law has changed as they must meet the minimum criteria and make the properties they are renting healthy for tenants to live in. We have seen some horror stories on the news with illegal garage conversions with no insulation housing mums with babies and young children highlighting the effect it has on health issues.

Attached in the link below is everything you need to know about insulation including installation videos etc. Take a minute and click onto it and go through the different titles covered in the link and if you feel your house is lacking in energywise insulation do something about it.

For such a small outlay can more than pay you back with doctors bills and time off work due to illness.