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17 Tips For Buying A First Home

Buying a first home (or even your second or third home) can be a big learning curve. Getting finance approved, hiring a lawyer, obtaining and reading building reports, ordering LIM,s and placing an offer are just some of the challenges […]

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“Kiwis Locked Out”

We hear about New Zealand’s housing crisis almost daily in the news these days and it appears it is not getting better. New Zealand’s home ownership rates at its lowest in 66 years after the housing crisis that is gripping […]

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Auckland House Price Drop

With all the news recently of how house prices in Auckland are increasing this latest article seems to show a different trend. The number of houses sold in Auckland fell 24% and median sale price slipped 1.2% to $840,000.00 in […]

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Energywise Insulation

For the good of our families we must ensure Insulation and energywise solutions are used in housing and renovations. Factors to consider are the health benefits for our families, warmer dryer living in the colder wet months, sustaining high energy […]

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