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EPOXY GROUT VS CEMENT GROUT                                                                                               Epoxy Grout has become more widely used by tiling contractors especially in tiled showers and floors because of its benefits as opposed to cement grout.


Unlike cement grout which is made from a cementitious powder mix , epoxy grout is made from epoxy resins and a filler powder. Epoxy grout is extremely durable and almost completely stain proof.

Regular cement grout is not waterproof, so unlike epoxy grout , it can absorb water when wet and stain easily.

Epoxy grout is made from two different resins mixed with a filler , making it waterproof and better suited to harsher cleaning products. Epoxy thin sets offer greater bond strength and chemical resistance than cementitious grouts. 

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Although it has plenty of benefits , please note that epoxy grout is more difficult to work with than regular grout and tends to look like plastic which some homeowners do not like. It is more expensive to purchase and most tilers charge extra for using the epoxy grout as opposed to regular grout .

Regular grout is very easy to shape in outside corners where the tile wraps around a wall, kerb or shower niche . It is harder to achieve the same effect with epoxy grout as it takes longer to set up in the grout joint. Epoxy grout sets quicker than regular grout so smaller mix is required and less time to work with that mix as opposed to regular grout.

With epoxy grout an acid wash is also required to help remove any extra resin residue from your tile surfaces. Some epoxy grouts are designed just for glass. Many brands have a regular epoxy and a special glass epoxy. The difference between the two is in the filler part of the grout. The filler for glass tiles is finer ,so it will not scratch delicate tiles.


One other big difference between epoxy grout and regular grout is the time involved installing and cleaning the grout as opposed to regular grout and the cost can be 3 to 5 times more expensive to purchase than regular grout . This can make some installers hesitant to work with the epoxy grout and getting pricing from tilers to undertake this work is not by the sq meter of grout needed , but by the size of area required and the size of tile being used. Obviously the smaller the tile the more grout required and the bigger the tile the less grout required so generally a tiler will provide a price once he has viewed the job and knows the size of tile being used.



The two main areas where epoxy grout is advisable to use is in tiled showers and floors as the epoxy grout adds another layer of protection for moisture getting under the tile where there is the other layer of protection being the waterproofing. Splash back tiling over vanities is one other area where epoxy grout would be advantageous.

Many people are drawn to epoxy grout for its even colour. The colour of epoxy grout comes from the filler and is constant throughout. Regular grout can have its pigment removed during the cleaning process.

Using epoxy grout is completely different than using regular cement grout as no step of the process is the same. From the mixing to application to cleaning, epoxy grouting has its own set of rules.

Make sure your Bathroom Professional has experience with the product and its applications.  Be aware the cost between using epoxy grout to a cement grout will be a significant difference, but its waterproofing, staining and durability advantages  are also significant .

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